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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preschool Writing

My daughter Hannah and I have been homeschooling since she was about 18 months old.  We spent a lot of time reading and playing together and she taught herself to read and write at an early age.  Now here we are with her three and a half year old brother.  Liam loves to hear stories, solve puzzles, draw, craft awesome projects, creatively read books, memorize songs, play with his invisible friends, and create spectacular games.  I truly treasure this incredibly loving, creative boy. 

Only when my friend and I discussed the academic abilities of our first children compared to our second did I remember my son will benefit from some reading and writing assistance.  After this conversation, we went home and began sounding out letters.  Last spring Liam and I worked on some great preschool projects, though I felt I spend more time cleaning than assisting with learning.  As he has grown, he has come to understand the value of putting things away... sometimes, making it easier to share focused individual activities.

After learning this parenting lesson, my children's work time is more calm and focused for us all.  Now when six year old Hannah sits down to her work, three year old Liam has his own tasks: tracing words of his choice, identifying and tracing his name, reading me a story of his choice, and assembling our alphabet puzzle before going on to other projects.  He has his own desk and school storage area just like his big sister.  He loves these big boy spaces and tasks.  Each day Liam excitedly reads more stories and sings more songs, dancing his way through it all.  What a beautiful journey of reading and writing to share with my cherished son.

What projects do you love sharing with your preschooler?

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