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Thursday, February 6, 2014

nest of light

I need to be honest in my writing.  My pain is as real and valid as my joy.  Like my aunt and grandmother, I choose to set pain free (again and again until it is completely liberated) and to lovingly embrace the joy.  By sitting with the pain, fear, grief, sadness, depression, and sorrow, I fully explore, understand, and appreciate it.  Then it is set free to transmute into loving energy for someone else.  The more I heal and release, the more love I share with others.  What a beautiful byproduct.

My life used to be dominated by lower vibration feelings.  Much of my childhood was dark.  I knew in my heart one day I'd fly from the dark nest of my parents to create my own out of light.  In remembering, I see the denseness of my childhood along with the rays of light.  I welcome these emotions and continue sifting.  The rays of light I choose to carry forward into my new nest.  The unhealthy memories are intentionally released to God, Spirit, the Light.  Some recollections provide incredible insight before they are released.

Through the sifting of stories, I come to understand why I used to feel crazy and why my mother has such pain.  I see these pictures of the past we share and I want to help her heal.  I gently push and prod at her buttons, at her heart, hoping and praying she'll find relief and healing.  At this moment in time this is all I can do for her.  She is on her journey.  I am on mine.  We are exactly where we need to be.  My current nest is very different from the one of my childhood.  My mother's nest has also evolved.  Each time I speak with her, I feel our energies and healing grow. 

All daughters want their mothers to be happy.  I want that for my mother.  And for my daughter.  For my beautiful young daughter I have created this nest of light, filled with as many high vibrations as I can create. My intentions are a clear path leading to closeness, beauty, feelings, acknowledging, apologizing, growing, honoring our True Selves, and loving completely.  This trail is paved with stones of faith, patience, abundance, joy, peace, grace, curiosity, creativity, and infinite love.  There is still dark lint in our little nest of light, though one by one these strands are pulled out, examined, appreciated, and set free.  Your healing is my healing.  My healing is yours.  Together we are healed.  What a beautiful journey we share.

my daughter in a nest with a view

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