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Monday, February 3, 2014

Lightening the Soul on Ice

One of my most favorite places is on the ice rink.  As a nanny, I first went ice skating with my two young charges.  My childhood dreams of being a professional roller skater were brought back to life on these thin graceful blades.  I held pudgy two-year-old hands and skated circles for blissful moments (and hours).  When my employer gave me her old skates, just my size, I took ice skating lessons in classes filled with children. I greeted every one of those Saturday morning lessons with such blissful joy.  The feeling of the ice under my blades was simply invigorating.

Life soon became even busier with new challenges, such as learning to fly a plane, full time college and lots of time on the job, meeting my life partner, more college, becoming a professional educator, and marriage.  How joyous to suddenly find myself, amidst all the busy joys, enjoying a quiet week of being snowed in.  There was suddenly space for reading The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and to break out my ice skates.  Atop a foot of snow lay inches of thick ice.  And you know what I did with that ice.  I pulled out my beautiful skates and flew up and down the street, through the field, over anything I pleased.  What an incredible reprieve from my working days.  That was one of my favorite vacations ever.

And now as a mother of two young children, you'll find me silently praying on these cold winter mornings that our yard will become covered with thick ice so I may pull out my skates once again.  May I teach them by example to follow their passions and find joy in these simple pleasures.  May my children see my whole body and soul lighten and brighten as I tie on these skates and take flight.  Again.

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