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Monday, February 17, 2014

finding love on a snowy day

Holy bagumba!  What an incredible day.  My sweet Hannah and I played outside for six hours in the snow.  Somehow we built a sled ramp and one and a half igloos and had the time of our lives.  We played with other families, were served warm cookies by a thoughtful neighbor, and listened to the joyous shouts of children on nearby streets.  My son Liam and his papa played with us until their hunger called them inside.  I wore my partner's waterproof gloves and pants and stayed warm and cozy out in the snow. 

He asked why each time he looked out the window someone else was laying at the bottom of the ramp.  Well, let me explain.  Personally, it felt so awe-some to slide down the little slope, lay back, and to watch the sparkling light and dancing snow, to bask in the beauty of the moment.  Apparently I wasn't the only one to enjoy these quiet moments at the curb.  Hannah and her neighbor friends were found at the bottom of the slope as well.  Finding their own divine bliss. 

My friend Holly mentioned how people in snow drive horribly.  That is true.  Snow is slippery and dangerous.  Here in Portland we have so little snow each year that when it does fall, we immediately find our way home and begin the song and dance of a joyous holiday.  This is quite true for those who may remain at home for a couple days.  My work-loving partner took the entire day off today for our 6" of snow, which is cause in itself to celebrate.  Yes, our entire metro area shuts down and most of us find ourselves with relaxing free time when the white begins to fall.  It may seem silly to those who see snow often throughout winter, though we relish in this short winter reprieve.  Winter has finally arrived in early February and we celebrate with great joyous dancing and singing.  The biggest blessing of all has been spending this miraculous day with my little family.

ready for snow play

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