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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Power of Song

Each day I again realize the incredible power of song in my life.  When I am feeling stressed or sad, I find myself instinctively being quiet.  When I'm feeling low and push myself to sing a happy song, it starts off as a sad murmur in my head, then a slow whisper, and slowly grows to fill my whole home and spirit, to shake the stagnant darkness out into the light of day.  Beautiful boisterous song is joyfully contagious.  I sing songs in the bathtub, the shower, the car when we're running late, at the breakfast table, when energy is lost to parenting a whiny child. 

I have favorite songs that I sing many times each day, such as: "Exactly" by Amy Steinberg, "In This Circle" by Anne-Louise Sterry, and "Peace Like a River" by Elizabeth Mitchell.  Spontaneous songs join the repertoire, such as "This Little Light of Mine", "We Are Family", "People Who Need People", and "Jingle Bell Rock", along with anything by Barbra Streisand or the artists mentioned above.  We also find music at our local library that helps us increase our musical possibilities.

When song fills our home, the happiness and health and joy are palpable.  Recently sitting with my parents, I noticed my energy level was dropping and spontaneously sang a song to fill silence; their reaction, which I found hilarious, was to sit in silence and stare at each other like their daughter was going completely bonkers.  My children and I now call my parents and other loved ones and fill their answering machines with song.  We make up new verses to songs, such as "I have peace like a potato" or "I have poop like a pomegranate."  (Anything with the word poop in it is a favorite around here.)  My partner occasionally will sing Amy Steinberg's Exactly at double pace to tease me about my constant singing, and his impersonation warms my heart and makes me smile.  I cherish this family who share their songs with me.  I cherish the power of song.

What are some of your favorite songs to sing?  Where do you sing them? 

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