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Friday, January 31, 2014

Intentionally Creating Miracles

Oh good golly, just last month we knew only a handful of fellow homeschoolers, and none of them were local.  We had been booted from a couple groups for lack of hosting activities, and it was a slight relief to no longer have to worry about hosting just to keep from being kicked out.  (We host for our others social groups continuously.)  At the same time, my children's cousins were moving out of our local school and half hour away, instead of being nearly neighbors.  As my children get older and their peers go off to school each day, we see fewer friends each week.  So we felt a slight sense of growing isolation.  And yes, as their mother, I felt a sense of panic.  This was our challenge.  (I like to use the word challenge for problems that we are working to solve.  It feels more constructive for me to look at it from that angle.  I find more possibilities within a challenge we work to meet together.)

My children and I identified our challenge of smaller social groups, and went to work to intentionally change the situation.  We first set up our goal boards with magazine clippings of pictures representing what and who we were intentionally choosing to bring into our lives.  We each made a list of what we'd like in our homeschooling community and neighborhood.  We created imaginary neighbors who would move into the empty house on our street, down to the ages and interests.  I put myself out there on local homeschooling lists.  A couple hours were spent making a small list of regular local homeschool events.

Both my children and I talked with others in our lives about what we intended to manifest, the people and qualities we wanted to bring into our lives.  We spoke about it as if we KNEW it was all coming our way and it was just a matter of time.  We really put ourselves out there in all the ways we imagined.  We practiced our patience, faith in knowing answers were on the way, and appreciation for the blessings and loved ones in our lives at the moment. 

The answers to our many prayers and intention began to arrive slowly.  And then they came in so quickly it was a little overwhelming.  At first we noticed we already had a couple homeschooling families in our school-centered classes, though the ages and personalities haven't matched yet.  We found that our dear friends and neighbors wanted to spend time in nature also.  People we already knew and loved were helping us to manifest our hearts' desires!

Now, instead of having no local homeschooling friends, we are full far beyond our eyeballs with the love we feel in the local homeschooling community.  We now know and love 45 local homeschooling families!  We walk to our friends' house for a local nature walk every couple weeks.  I share my own weekly nature walk with a friend.  We belong to a weekly nature co-op and a weekly school-style co-op, all taught by loving parents.  We have had to slim down on our extracurricular activities to make space for these new friends (soon to be loved ones).  These blessings helped me to find a new mantra: "We have an abundance of time and peace to enjoy this day."  This mantra helps me shift my mind into appreciating the space we do truly have without our busy schedules.  The more I look for what I desire, the more it presents itself into my reality.

When my New Year's intention was to see infinite miracles, and my daughter's intention was to make two new homeschool friends, we had no idea how our prayers would be answered, nor how fully and joyously.  It felt like such a simple task, asking the universe, God, angels, our hearts, for more heartfelt friends we could see regularly in our lives.  Oh my holy noooooodles, this incredibly huge miracle of so many loving families has been such a divine miracle for my family.  We feel so beyond blessed, loved, and cherished.  It started simple and blossomed with a bit of patience, faith, and appreciation.  Every person chooses their own path to fulfilling their wildest dreams.  There are many ways to be the intentional creator of your own reality.  I look forward to finding more ways to turn our dreams into reality.   

What are your wildest dreams right now?
What steps will you take to manifest your desire today?
How do you notice the miracles in your life? 
What miracles are present for you in this moment?

huge miracles in little moments

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