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Friday, January 31, 2014

green baby steps

Dearest Friends,

This blog was started a while back when I was the mother of just one child.  The purpose was to push myself in a variety of ways to become a better steward of Mother Earth, the home all we humans share.  Yes, my family and I have taken steps to green up our little plot, baby steps, one after another.  There are so many more things I dream of doing, though I move toward them with my children at my side one single step at a time.  Sometimes the steps are sideways.  I've even learned to call in sick when I really am sick.  We have created little and large ways to assist in the healing of our shared world. 

This morning on our cherished weekly walk, a dear friend told me a question asked at her nightly shared family meal.  "In what ways have you helped to heal our world?"  I was a little taken back by this question, the grandness of it, as I hadn't thought of healing our world every single day.  After a full AWE-some day with my children, we sat at the dinner table together and I was able to finally answer my friend's question.  How had I helped to heal our world?  What would your answer be for today? 

My answer came in the form of the itty bitty things we all do for one another on this journey together.  I smiled at strangers, brought favorite snacks to share with friends, chased my children wildly down the street as they laughed and shrieked and everyone around shared our playful delight.  I complimented a friend's baking, asked how the new school is feeling, shared a healthy recipe, taught a friend how to meditatively clean her drinking water while laughing and smiling, blessed my water with appreciate song throughout the day, told a funny story about myself being a restless student, spent a minimum amount of time on the computer while my children were awake, spent time in the presence of Mother Nature, thanked a stranger for her generous assistance, talked with a friend on the telephone, thanked my family for a variety of their wonderful deeds, wrote several birthday cards proclaiming my love for others, snuggled on the couch when my children requested, released my family's fear of my grandfather, created crafts for my community's preschool, hugged all my friends and their delicious children, involved more friends in thumb printing Valentine cards for the local retirement home, loudly proclaimed "I'm so glad you're here!", and sat to talk with my family about the many blessings in our day. 

The beauty of this is today is another incredible yet ordinary day full of the sharing of love and delight, joy and laughter.  I trust that I am moving forward on my journey toward healing Mother Earth in a myriad of ways.  One foot in front of the other is where I am, all I can see right now, though the view from here is the most beautiful inspiring place I can possibly imagine.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey toward world healing.  In what ways did you help heal the world today?  I look forward to hearing about the walk you had on your personal path today.

Much love,

taking one muddy step at a time

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