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Friday, January 31, 2014

Finding Sleeping Beauty in My Lap

My children and I just joined a homeschooling co-op and I am spending most of my day there hanging out with a room full of preschoolers.  Oh my goodness, they are the secret fountain of joy, like the fountain of youth, seriously.  What incredible little people!  Yes, I want to cuddle and play with my own children, yet now I have a whole room of little people that I instantly love and cherish.

One little guy, ready for a rest after lunch, held his blanket and backed himself up to me with the sweetest smile until I scooped him to sit in my lap.  From this vantage point, he watched I fixed toys, played games, and played indoor baseball.  And then this beautiful boy I'd just met, well, he made my heart swoon by falling asleep right there in my arms.  My preschool son and a couple other little ones came over to coo and pet our own little Sleeping Beauty.  I held him like that for half an hour, until my back was about to break in two, and then I stood and ever so gently placed him in a nursery crib in the next room.  Of course, as is the natural rule with most little people, his eyes popped wide open.  He was again scooped into my arms and held for the rest of the session.  When I finally had to set this sweet prince down to assist with coats and shoes, his mama came in and scooped him up and out without my seeing her.  Next week you know she'll get a full report of how much love her son gave and received, all the pets and coos and cuddles.  That's what I'd want to hear as his mama.  How much my children are loved and cherished by others.

So when the maternal clock starts a'ticking in my head louder as the hormones ebb and flow, I take peace is soothing the desire for more children with these beautiful little people already in my life.  What an incredible blessing to spend time with these sweet playful loving little people.  What a gift to myself, my children, and these families, to share this sacred space and all this love.  Just reflecting on my first day in this co-op, my heart is expanding, singing, and dancing.  My children and I don't HAVE TO go back to this group, we GET TO go back to see these families. I CANNOT WAIT to return with my crafts and books and heartfelt smile and have another miraculously delicious day with the little people in my community. 

my own delicious Sleeping Beauty

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