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Monday, December 9, 2013

White Winter Appreciations

We have had our first snow, a short flurry of white on this very cold morning.  My children couldn't wait to get outside to collect all the snow they could find.  Being outside with my children is quite cold, yet it warms my heart to watch their joy and to reflect back to my own blissfully joyous school-free days building forts, snow people, and other projects with my brother.  I can still hardly sleep when we expect snow and I wake my children with my shouts of joy on white mornings.  My mother reminds me how much fun she had watching us play outside for hours without caring a bit about the cold.  We appreciate this cold white day. We also appreciate that we only have a month of freezing weather each year, instead of the very long hard winters of my dad's homeland of South Dakota or my grandmother's home in Utah.  My dad fondly says, "I'd choose rain over snow anytime.  You don't have to shovel rain."  On these days at home with my thrilled children, I cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else.  Everything I need in this world is right here with me.

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