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Monday, December 9, 2013

Quilts for My Three Year Olds

When my daughter was turning three and excitedly awaiting her little brother's arrival, in my nesting phase (Oh, I adore nesting!) I crafted a two-sided beautiful quilt for her.  She picked out her own colors (pink, yellow, blue, green) and fabrics (stars, fish, cupcake cotton) and helped in organizing the squares.  With Hannah's helping hands, Grandma's gift of fabrics from her own quilting stash, skills learned from my mother and a student's mother, and Great Grandma's gift of an antique Singer sewing machine when I was 11 years old, Hannah's quilt was a family project.

Now that my son is almost three, we are again working as a team to make a quilt.  My two energetic children picked colors (blue, green, orange), fabrics (pumpkins, mushrooms, and snakes), arranged, arranged again, played with the squares, and are now helping with small details as I sew squares and strips and sides together.  My children and I are all learning about patience, patience, and more patience as we slowly meander our way through the squares.  I appreciate that my dear old sewing machine has had its first major tune up in 30 years (or ever) and is happy to hum along on this project.  This quilt, much like the first, will be completed shortly after the third birthday, though this family project is a gift we are giving each other step-by-step.  Hannah has mentioned the desire for another quilt, so this is just the beginning of our quilting journey together.

still in strips and patches and practicing patience (mostly with myself)

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