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Monday, December 9, 2013

Intention & Appreciation

My mind and body have been much happier over the last several months.  In wanting to share the joy and appreciation with you, I'd like to give you some details of my daily practices.  Please know I am sharing these because they work for me, not because I expect you to try any.  These ideas are here for you to think about and perhaps create sacred time in your day to connect and energize.  Here are my details.

I have been spending much of my time and energy with intentions.  Each morning I intentionally appreciate my life and my ancestors and ask to raise my vibrational frequencies in a variety of ways.

This is a little of what it sounds like. 

"Oh, God, I love my life!  My name is Jenn Smith Beagley Jensdatter Bensdatter Haworth Allen Warr Wayman (add as many as desired) Merfee-t.  I appreciate my mother's mother's ancestors all the way back to the beginning and all the way back to the stars."  Repeat for other ancestors.  I ask for my body to be fully energized and for great physical healing, mental clarity, and emotional stability.  I sing songs that make me happy, songs like "Exactly" by Amy Steinberg, "In This Circle" by Anne-Louise Sterry, and "Peace Like a River" by Elizabeth Mitchell

I have a clear list of what needs to be accomplished in a day and let the rest slide.  I spend a minimum amount of time on the computer, again with clear intentions most of the time.  When I pop myself on Facebook, I start most of my personal posts with "I appreciate..." followed by some small moment in my life.  If I am going to say something, I intend for my words to comfort and inspire those in my circle.  I honestly don't keep up with what my friends are doing, yet just check to see if they've sent me a message, and then log out. 

My children and I spend our time showing our love for our friends and family, serving meals at a church, going to meditation classes, heading outside for a nature hike, writing love letters, reading and learning together, blessing our meals, and appreciating the details in the moments we share.

These are little things that have helped me to maintain my energy and to appreciate the details in my life.  And all these efforts are completely worth it when my son sits down to fresh strawberries and says over and over, "Oh, God, I love my life!"

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