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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lessons & Blessings

Gosh, there is so much life to live that I haven't made the effort to stop and reflect on this little bloggy blog.  There are so many life lessons to learn, as a family and on my own.

As a full time mother, my children are attached to me almost all the time.  After talking to a new friend who needs time to be alone with herself each day, I am currently learning to ask for time alone.  At this moment, alone time is allowing me to write.  My husband has graciously taken my two sweethearts out to play and left me time alone to bathe, think, sing, reflect, drink water, journal, and type.

I am also learning that I choose what my life is like, from those I choose to have in my life, how I speak and listen to my children, what foods I put on our plates, to how I feel about the whole shebang.  Perhaps it is an autumn sluffing, as I watch the trees shed their rustling red leaves, that encourages me to evaluate my relationships.  And with ending the occasional unhealthy relationship every couple years, I appreciate so deeply the wonderful loving healthy relationships I choose to continue in my life.  I see that my life is surrounding by incredible women, children, and men, and that I truly love each of them in my lives.  I make more efforts to spend time with them and I go out of my way to show them I care.

So while I learn these lessons of my own, my children are growing so quickly.  They are learning and expanding in amazing ways and I so appreciate being present enough to see and acknowledge their accomplishments.  My daughter is jumping into the swimming pool on her own, putting her whole head under the water, printing her letters so clearly, learning to play the piano and speak Mandarin, and now swimming by herself!  My son is jumping into the pool on his own, singing the alphabet, learning to do handstands on the wall, doing dot-to-dots, couldn't get any cuter, and more clearly articulating what he needs and wants.  These two children are gorgeous flowers that are slowly unfolding.  And their smiles and laughter make all my tiny efforts so worth it.  It is such a privilege to be the mother of these two children.  My largest accomplishment as their mother is that they know how much they are loved by myself and others in their lives, this warm supportive healthy community in which we live.  Blessings abound.

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