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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garden Fairies of the Australian Persuasion

Our garden fairies have been quite mischievous this year!  It seems they have planted Queen Anne's lace, moss, various squash, grasses, pansies, tomatoes, and black-eyed susans into our garden beds.  Who am I to remove flowers from the fairy garden?

Every two weeks I cannot see the beds of kale through all the weeds and must again dig them out.  This morning I went out simply to water and spent four hours pulling out dead peas and buckets of weeds.  Under all those weeds, I found kale, cabbage, squash, many pollinating insects, and the sound of myself unexpectedly speaking with an Australian accent.  (The latter must be a side effect of reading Dreamkeepers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia.)  I've picked hundreds of pounds of weeds and still the garden is full of grasses and invasive happy weeds, also known as herbs to some.  With a garden this adventurous, it is tempting to cancel all our other plans and sit back to watch it all grow.  Most of it is edible, so we can stop and declare ourselves ready for a snack (in our Australian accents) whenever we wish.

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