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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Child-Led Sewing

When I think of sewing, I think of attaching two pieces of fabric together to make a new object, such as a pillow or skirt.  My daughter Hannah declared yesterday that she wanted to start a sewing project with her own sewing kit (from Great Grandma's stash, delivered by Santa).  She raced through her homeschool tasks and jumped right into her kit.

On a little fabric from Grandma, she drew out a city train, threaded a needle, and attempt a knot at the thread's end.  She jumped right into embroidering her train onto the fabric as if she'd done it before.
While Hannah spent an hour on this project, her brother Liam got into the mix embroidering with his own large needle.  He had a great time sewing the fabric into a ball.  I wouldn't have thought of that!  I appreciate my daughter's creativity and perseverance in planning and accomplishing her own complex task.  And I appreciate my son's enthusiasm for doing what his big sister is doing and beginning his first sewing lesson.

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  1. Awesome! This is inspiring. We are learning how to knit all together right now, very very slowly. :)