autumn days

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bartering Holiday Gifts

My friend Kristina makes the most awesome soaps!  Local, organic, delicious Busy Bea Soaps.  They come in every shape and scent and are simple delectable.  Hannah and I love to make jams from Thompson Farms' spray-free local berries.  We whip it all together with great joy and excitement.  I appreciate learning from a good friend several years ago how to make jam and now change it up to suite my own preferences.  We now use Pomona Pectin, the pectin recipe, a variety of berries, and local honey for our jams.  And when they come out runny, we label it as "syrup."  Hannah and I usually spend much of the summer crafting holiday gifts for friends.  With jam on our minds, we've struck a deal with our soap-loving friend Kristina to swap goods, so our family may give the gift of soap and jam.  Swapping is a sweet deal, and friendship makes it even more delicious.