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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Game Night

At this particular time in our society, when our safety feels quite violated and our hearts are ripped open, it soothes our souls to hunker down for a good old fashioned game night!  We plan game night each week, though it happens once or twice a month around here.  Life is busy, so it is nice to take the time to sit down together for some quality time.

After dinner on our appointed night, each child chooses a game for us to play and we jump right in.  Two year old Liam likes to organize small pieces while five year old Hannah likes to follow her own rules for intricate games.  Between these two, we flexibly bend to play games and enjoy quality time together.  For a twist, we enjoy movie night each month (or three).  We cook up some popcorn and sit down for a half hour of Mr. Rogers (my choice, Elmo (Liam's choice), or Dora (Hannah's choice).  On this cold rainy day, we three are soothing souls by sitting down this afternoon for our own little game day.  Twister, anyone?

How do you make family time sacred?

all tied up in knots with Twister on game night

We love puzzles!

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