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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Entertaining A Homeschool Toddler

We've had some challenges finding time to focus on kindergarten studies while keeping a two-year old entertained.  Talking with friends about their ideas, we've found some creative ways to keep the little one entertained while the older child enjoys themed studies as well as daily learning tasks.  We now have a cupboard for little Liam's homeschool activities.  I have another cupboard full of his activities that I rotate when he needs something new.  Now when we have homeschool time, he heads for his cupboards, just like his big sister, pulls out an activity, and takes a seat at our kitchen table.  His favorites are poof balls in egg cartons, scrabble tiles, legos, and tinker toys.  It is so much easier to homeschool my two children when the smallest is included in his own special way.

How do simply entertain your toddler?

pipe cleaners in a sieve

writing in her daily journal

gluing artwork and string onto a CD

play dough

singing while cutting with Mama's scissors

sounding out words for her Santa letter

daily math work in Math-U-See curriculum

cutting strips on a tray


  1. What a sweet set of pictures! The picture with the pipe cleaners reminds me of a toddler activity that we discovered by accident: pony beads fit perfectly onto pipe cleaners. The beads even stay put once they are on the pipe cleaner, making them perfect for toddler projects.

  2. Sharon, he made so many beaded bracelets that we gave them to friends as holiday gifts! Yes, he is loving the crafts and Hannah is loving her math, writing, and reading. It is such a relief to have both of them happy and learning at the same time!