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Friday, December 28, 2012

Chore Day

Life seems to always be a balance for us, a constant teetering between rest and activity, quiet time and social time, free play and schedules.  With my beloved partner working to provide for us each day of the week, it is nice for my two children and I to have a routine within our days.  The three of us have turned Saturday into Chore Day (a carryover from my childhood).  My children now spend Chore Day playing their way through dusting, shaking rugs and blankets, sweeping, and mopping.  While they tackle those tasks, I take on dishes, laundry, putting away endless piles, cutting nails, cleaning ears, washing hair, watering plants, and organizing.  (Each time the kids help with laundry or dishes, they drop a bead into their Family Date jar.)  After we complete our chores, we head outside to ride bikes and splash in puddles.  To balance out Chore Day, Sunday has now become our Play Day.  Along with Movie Night, Game Night, Library Day, Playgroup Day, and Nature Garden Day, we are enjoying the balance these two new rituals provide within our week. 

What are your sacred weekly rituals?  How do you make chores fun?

splashing and laughing and riding

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