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Thursday, April 12, 2012

YOU are worth it!

Dearest Hannah and Liam,

I have a lot to learn.  I am the first to admit I am far from perfect.  I have come a long way to be the mother you know today, and I have so far yet to travel.  In journaling about myself as a child, I've written this letter in an attempt to fill emotional potholes and take another step forward.  I've seen myself recently repeating divisive family patterns that push you away from me.  That is the last thing I want in the world.  This letter of  love is not only intended for my own heart, but for yours as well, my two beautiful children.  I want you to feel cherished and wanted and adored as I had wanted to feel as a child. May these words and feelings keep us connected with one another.  May I repeat them to you honestly and often.  May you understand my love through my words and my actions.  

I love you.  I like you.  I want you here with me.  You're smart, beautiful, hard-workers, deep-thinkers.  You're generous, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, loving, inclusive, beautiful, creative, funny, silly, witty, wise, my most beloved people.  I am becoming a healthier person so your lives will be happier and healthier.  I am working on being a better person because YOU are worth it.  YOU are worth it.  I love you both.

With all my heart,
your mama

My two nature-loving babes are more than worth every bit of work.

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