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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two Old Potatoes and Me

A week after first reading Two Old Potatoes and Me, we found some potatoes hiding in our cupboard making crazy eyes at us.  These old potatoes that could have become garbage have become our newest potato crop, once we get them into the ground.  We are planting our scraps, just as they did within this thoughtful book.  Hannah enjoyed studying and describing each eye.  When she was ready, I chopped them up into small eye-full pieces and put them into a paper bag for a few days, where the raw skin will slightly harden.  Then it will be planting time.  I haven't yet found a place for them in the garden, so it is time to commit myself a bit more to gardening and get these little eyeballs growing into a new crop of tasty treats.  Last year it seemed our potato yield was too small to make it worth planting and watering and digging them all.  But after realizing we have free seed potatoes in our own kitchen, and remembering the adventure of Hannah and her cousins digging up last year's crop, I knew we must plant potatoes again this spring.  So again we'll plant potatoes, and soon, but perhaps make it all a bit simpler by growing them in large pots.  Speaking of potatoes, we love them baked, mashed, souped.  How do you like to prepare your potatoes?

potatoes looking in every direction

tasting bits of clean raw potatoes, a favorite from my childhood

new crop on the right, new potato leek soup on the left

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