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Monday, February 20, 2012

banana boppin' dance fest

Do you ever hear music with a great beat and want to bob your head?  Perhaps while you're eating your breakfast banana?  Well, my kids seem to do this almost every meal their Papa is around to crank up the bumpin' music.  I am one to turn on quiet music or sing-along music or some irregular rhythmed Ani DiFranco. My husband, however, can pick just the right song to get my kids' heads a-bopping.  And then those that aren't strapped into a child seat start dancing and flailing and bebopping and boogie-ing all crazy around on the kitchen floor.  One of us is bound to throw in some break dancing moves sometime soon.  Pretty awesome.  What good exercise, for the heart and soul and neck muscles.  With thinking about this funky ritual we have in our home, I've wondered what little routines happen in other homes.  Do my neighbors boogie around their kitchens with bananas too?  What are some little traditions you love sharing with your family?

5 month old Hannah dancing in her crib

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