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Friday, January 6, 2012

Portland Scrap (part two)

Today we three ventured to Scrap once again with nine of our favorite friends.  We learned today that Scrap is an independent organization with about 50 volunteers and three sister locations in other states.  They host camps, classes, and parties too.  I hoped to find a big box of spinning clay that I'd passed up on the last visit, though someone else had already claimed it as their own treasure.  In the fun-filled building, we found a laminating machine, a full tub of bottle caps, a champagne cap fairy chair, boots turned into planting pots, and a mirror framed with purple paintbrush handles.  Oh, if only I'd had my camera to take more pictures!

Liam chose to carry home a wooden spoon and a wooden dog.  Hannah's treasures were iron-on fabric decals, tutus for her dolls, and a wooden zebra box.  She and I chose oodles of awesome yarn to fuel her attempts at crocheting with her grandma.  My yarn is generally used to knit (easy rectangular) scarves to donate to someone with a need for warmth.  I claimed most of the purple yarn to make purple hats for newborn babies as a reminder to not shake babies.  (This will be my excuse to finally learn to knit something other than rectangles.)  With a little help, I found the wood to make the grocery list dispenser I have had my eye.  (We only have 24 boxes of two-ply receipt tape in our garage, mistakenly ordered for the family business.)  While trying to donate some of our receipt tape (unsuccessfully), our friend gave us powdered tempera paint that she saved from her school's dumpster to donate at Scrap.  Altogether we only had to pay $4.55 for all these treasures.  We are so grateful to Scrap for providing us with all this crafty inspiration!  We are again already planning a return visit.

a fabric-covered wall art project from our last Scrap visit

the grocery list dispenser I am attempting to reproduce

some treasures we found today (Holly's idea to add cork board to list dispenser)

enjoying his newest pet

yarn for rectangular projects

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  1. The purple hat knitting project is great! I have never heard of it.