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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Irving & Muktuk: Two Bad Bears

One book we have read almost a hundred times is Irving & Muktuk: Two Bad Bears.  We loved it so much we can almost recite the entire thing.  We have just hosted our own New Year's Eve Blueberry Muffin Festival like the one hosted by the book's characters in the frozen north.

Dear Friends,

We are gathering at the Brass Monkey Hotel (our home) for the first annual Blueberry Muffin Festival.  This is an extension of our new favorite book Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears.  We will "stay up all night (or as late as we like) sampling muffins, listening to the piano, drinking root beer, and playing cards for money.  [We] are a hard lot, but [we] have a soft spot in [our] hearts for blueberry muffins."  We will also have lasagna and popcorn.  If you so choose, you may bring blueberry muffins, a meal to share, and a variety of costumes from the book (chef, officer, zoo keeper, girl scout, penguin, or anything else you feel like).

Happy winter days, 
your friends in the frozen north

For this festival, we baked a lasagna and four dozen blueberry muffins.  A friend brought candy fish to put on top of the muffins, as Irving and Muktuk love to put fish on their foods in Bad Bears Go Visiting.  We continue to find new books detailing the adventures of our favorite bad bears, Irving and Muktuk.  Next year, however, we plan on inviting our friends in their pajamas to join us for a lunch version of the Blueberry Muffin Festival on New Year's Day.

a blueberry muffin topped with cream cheese frosting and a fishy treat

We never tired of eating all the blueberry muffins.

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  1. That is a very cute book. Thanks for introducing it to us! I wish I could have attended the party but Jon made other plans with coworkers.