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Sunday, January 22, 2012

attitude of gratitude

Every few months I pick up a Portland Woman magazine and eventually find time to read it.  Today I've found the time to read a few articles from the new January/February 2012 issue.  Reading An Attitude of Gratitude, I am reminded that the attitude of gratitude truly can take a person a long way.  Each weekend as I fill the tub with hot water for my weekly bath, I write a gratitude list into my journal.  In an attempt to regularly acknowledge and be grateful for my many blessings and resources, I'd like to follow this article's advice.  First step (of three): "Make a mental gratitude list in the moment" (or on paper).  Second step: "Create a written gratitude list to read aloud to yourself daily."  And third step: "Give of yourself and express your gratitude to others."  Step three seems to give permission to get mushy and thank people in your life for specific reasons you are grateful for them.  We regularly send love notes to friends and family, thank our teachers at the end of every class, and thank friends for spending time with us, so perhaps this is a start.  Beginning today, my four year old daughter Hannah and I made and read aloud our gratitude lists.  Here they are.

My list:
I am thankful for safe beautiful snow outside.
I am thankful for my healthy children, their cousins, and the other children in my life.
I am thankful for time with my parents.
I am thankful for a loving funny husband.
I am thankful for my community of friends.
I am thankful for learning and growing in my garden.
I am thankful for tonight's eggplant calzones recipe.
I am thankful for a blog in which to express my thoughts.

Hannah's list:
I am thankful for having Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa each year.
I am thankful for making dinner with Mama tonight.
I am thankful for having so much friends and family.
I am thankful for doing different projects with Mama.
I am thankful for saying I'm thankful at Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for typing letters on the computer some days.
I am thankful for having such a nice brother in that picture (below).

And in Hannah's words, Liam is thankful for having such a nice sister.
liamishgyrtrr1fdsdghhsdfdfcsf gc fdhfgdfggjhhgfsdfghjdsfgf ghhdgggdsgdtry
(Translation: Liam is one and he's thankful for everything.)

giving thanks... for one another


  1. Bea and I started gratitude journals just last week. It is proving to be so worthwhile already. I am thankful for you, my friend!

  2. I'd love to hear more about your gratitude journals! How often do you write and share? And I am thankful for you, Kristina.