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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Portland Scrap

Today we ventured out with my mom and friends to Scrap in northeast Portland.  It was our second time there, yet there were so many new treasure to find.  We sifted through bins and boxes of bottle caps, beads, yarn, cards, fabrics, and wooden scraps.  Hannah, my mom, and I bought everything our hearts desired (three bags of goodies) and spent about $15.  I was thrilled to take time to cherish the antique measuring scales, slide projector, and accordion.  My friend's three children usually stay focused together on a task for only 30 minutes, yet they stayed to hunt and craft in the back workroom for two hours.  Her children stayed busy painting, cutting, gluing, coloring, and planning other projects.  Hannah bought some tools to weave on plastic mesh like her great-grandmother.  We found stars of all sizes that we'll paint and decorate at home.  I bought embroidery thread so I can finally darn all my holey socks.  We purchased huge needles so Hannah can begin sewing on her own.  Scrap even has classes and summer camps.  The shop definitely had our creative inspirations flowing!  We are already plotting our return for more creative materials and ideas.

our smallest crafter enjoying a piece from the wood pile

chatting with friends and coloring wooden stars

walls of ideas

a roll of future grocery lists on a real cork board

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  1. I really like the cork boards! What a clever idea since you can't put used corks in new wine bottles. I will be bottling about 24 bottles of mead in the next week and will plan to save the corks for Paul's future bulletin board! Thanks for sharing!