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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dearest Liam (mothering a son)

Little Liam discovering the world around him
Dearest Liam,

You are now one year old.  You are so happy, full of giggles, smiles, sweetness, cuddles, and lots of love for others.  I love having you as my little boy to feed and tickle and cuddle.  After having Hannah, I thought it would be easier to have another girl: the same clothes, a similar psychology.  As a nanny, all the children in my care were girls.  When you arrived, I was and still am so delighted you are my little boy.  I have a plan with Hannah for trying to raise her to be a strong, independent woman.  For you, I know you're only one year old right now, yet I don't have any sort of a plan.  I don't know who you'll grow to be or what tools you'll need along the way to be a loving, thoughtful, strong young man.  I am unsure of these things and I hope you will gently show me the way to being the best mother for you that I can be.  My heart and mind are totally in the role of being your mommy and I look forward to learning so much from you on our journey together.  I have so much to learn from you, my little man, and you are already actively showing me your way.  I love you with all my heart.

With love,
your mama
my curious little climber showing me the way up
raw ambition with a pinch of persistence

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