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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dearest Hannah: Spirituality

Dearest Hannah,

I've put a lot of thought into how to share religious views with you.  I was raised Christian and my parents were raised Mormon and Baptist.  You have an Atheist uncle and a Jewish aunt, yet the rest of your papa's family is Buddhist.  There are views of dying and going to heaven, evolving from furry creatures, or of reincarnating.

Lately I've been feeling a spiritual clarity from listening to my own heart.  We read "All the Mamas" about a long line of women and religion has always been on my mind.  My new clarity has me seeing that these religious views are all right and may be combined.  The god out there may really be inside of all of us.  There is incredible power and knowledge within each of us.  We all sense the right choices for ourselves and those around us, even if that is not the path we choose.  People are attempting to learn and evolve.  And we carry our family's stories within our very cells.  I am of my mother, her mother, her mother, and you are of all of us.  As your mother, my job is to guide you safely through childhood so you can learn to listen to your own inner guide, your own incredible knowledge and power.

This new spiritual journey still leads me towards what I've always known to be true in my heart.  The basics.  I believe in perseverance, integrity, intention, appreciation, peace, joy, laughter, hope, generosity, and all the love we can muster for ourselves and one another.  I share this personal insight with you now because I know you are on your own journey of faith and dedication.  Your path will be your own, your choices different, and I look forward to watching you find your own comfort, strengths, and joy on your travels.  I love you with all my heart, my cherished daughter.

Much love,
Your mama
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