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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Clothing Cycle Continues

What is the life cycle of your clothing?  From where does it come and where does it go when it has expired?  My friends and I have been putting some thought and energy into using and sharing our clothing.  We continue to keep our children's clothing circulating between family and friends.  It is nice to see our boxes of clothes in constant circulation.  As an adult who doesn't enjoy shopping, I am very blessed to be able to make room for my friends' unloved clothing in my own closet.  Last week several female friends collected their unwanted clothing, threw it into a pile on my floor, and dove in to find new threads.  Size didn't seem to matter, as we had clothing too large and too small for all of us.  Sorting through the pile, I found a sweater that started in my closet, spent a year with a friend, and now is happy at home with me once more.  I now have new-to-me colorful clothing, many new shoes, a green military flight suit, cotton fabrics for my rug-making friend, a bejeweled belt and sassy dress for a night of 80s dancing at the Crystal Ballroom, and a smaller pile for the thrift store.  (Never mind that pile of mending in the corner that I am sure to get to eventually.)  Someone even left with a nice rug found at the bottom of the pile.  We were all thrilled about the new threads that came to us with laughter and friendship instead of cold hard cash.  And with any new learning, this has me thinking about... a toy swap!  Who could ask for more than a fun evening swapping trash for treasure with friends?  Not me.

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