autumn days

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

please pass the energy...

There are times when I need a little extra energy to get through the moment or hour.  As I embrace the changing emotions and lessons of full-time parenting, I find I need more tools to hang on for the ride.  Lists bring me joy and I feel it is appropriate to make a list of things that refill my energy.  When I have enough energy, I am able to share my joy with others.  I explain to my four-year-old daughter that I need to have energy to do things for her, like prepare meals and play games and read long chapters out of Little House books.  Things that drain my energy are typically one child being unkind to another or endless crying or whining.  What do I do to get my energy back?  With this helpful list in my figurative handbag, I am able to replenish a bit of my energy and make it through to the next wondrous moment.  What helps you, dear reader, to recharge yourself?

Energy Fill-Ups
Give my helpful preschooler some of my chores (dishes, laundry, assembling meals, sweeping, etc.)
Get outside to romp and stare at trees
Walk to the park or just around the block
Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
Sing to some of our favorite music (Elizabeth Mitchell or Anne-Louise Sterry)
Draw on blank paper with my children
Read some of our favorite books
Assemble puzzles
Bake and share cookies or cobblers
Make myself a cup of tea
Sit in pajamas and sit on the floor with the kids while they play
Listen to my daughter tell me stories or watch her jump rope
Watch my son dance or unload an entire kitchen drawer
Hang out at the library
Set up a date with friends (adults and their children)
Write and mail a love letter for someone special
Hear from a friend that they've felt the same way
Remember that this is all temporary and one day I'll miss whatever is now causing stress
Take a bath (when my spouse has the kids)
Pull out my journal and write for a few minutes about anything
Share and eat a dark chocolate hazelnut bar


  1. I have definitely felt the same way. Doing less for a little while helps. Going out for a romp with the homeschool group helps, too.

    Also, cutting out the grains, dairy, and sugar (and replacing with healthy fats) helps a LOT towards maintaining my energy levels. Your mileage may vary.

  2. I've also heard avoiding fruit and potato peels and incorporating all the necessary vitamins go a long way. I realized my garbanzo/rice flour baking (50% each in place of wheat) yield a complete protein, making a chocolate chip cookie even more delicious! There is so much yet to discover. Thanks for sharing, Sharon.