autumn days

Monday, November 7, 2011

Justy's Produce (pumpkin patch)

Last autumn we went to at least four different pumpkin patches.  Being pregnant and nesting could have something to do with our activity level.  This year, however, while adjusting to the needs of two children, we three enjoyed a couple hours at a little pumpkin patch behind Justy's Produce and called that our grand pumpkin adventure, complete with photos.  This is a quaint little market with spray-free produce that is locally owned and near our home.  The nice older gentleman inside told us his son opened the market about 25 years ago.  He told my children that he fixes the tractors and grows the gardens.  He tried to guess my children's names (Mary? Susan? Bill?) and suggested they come back for a job when they were a bit taller.  

When we arrived, we were enamored with the dahlia patch.  The blooms were huge and colorful.  We chose a wagon and meandered past the flowers, by the grapes, watched the birds busily enjoying the sunflowers, and found our way to the little pumpkin patch.  Each child immediately picked out their favorite pumpkin and then spent some time figuring out how to take it with them.  When they were thoroughly muddy and delighted with their adventure, we found our way back to the market and hopped on a hayride with a friendly school group.  

When compared with driving 30-45 minutes for a pumpkin patch and hayride, this was a simply awesome excursion.  Now we not only have a new favorite pumpkin patch and friendly grandfather figure, we have also discovered a spray-free friendly market nearby.  And we went home with juicy grapes and in-the-shell hazelnuts (also known as "hours of enjoyment").

a field dahlia's at Justy's Produce
discovering the pumpkin patch
dahlias as large as dinner plates
Look at that happy grin!  There's nothing like your first pumpkin patch.
Yes, she was able to get this one into the wagon.  It is still awaiting a future as pie, muffins, breads, etc.


  1. I love Justy's! Justy himself is also a really nice guy. And their organic pick-your-own figs are to die for! Oh how I wish it were my neighborhood produce stand...

  2. I also love Justy's! This summer, I managed to get basil that had *just* been picked a few minutes before. That basil made the best pesto I have ever had.