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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hannah's Stories, Age 4

Hannah made a birthday package for her friend.  She chose to write and include a few stories with the gift.  Here are her stories as she told them.

Hillary’s Lost Pedometer
Hillary lost her pedometer.  She didn’t know where to find it.  “Oh no,” said Hillary.  “I gotta go back and see where I lost my pedometer.”  She looked all over and he couldn’t find it, so Hillary was in the biggest take out.  He ran over to the house where he had lost it in and found his papa sitting right next to the pedometer.  “Here you go, daughter,” he said.  So no one could lost their pedometers.  “Maybe I should see where they took it from you,” said Sam, a little boy.  “I know it’s not much,” said Gramps, “but my spin art daughter took it.  Where is your spin art daughter?” asked Gramps.  “In the big woods,” said Mom.  And then when Gran shut the door behind Gramps, they both hurried out to see where Pa’s mobile and pedometer was lost.  “She found her spin art daughter,” said Gran.  “She might have made a spin art head and given the pedometer to Pa.”  Sam ran over and found the biggest hiding place over and out of the take.  “Push that button,” said Sam.  Everyone lost their pedometer.  And then he found his pedometer with the spin art daughter and they all found their own pedometers piled in the machine.
The end.

Babe’s Bear
“Babe lost a bear,” said Mommy.  “Big things aren’t the best,” said Daddy.  But when Babe looked up, she heard a “Boo!”  And then she said a bow.  And then who skipped in was Yinny who tumbled in with all her other cousins she had seen that day.  And then she ran out and did a babysitter.  “I’ll spin, I’ll talk, I’ll eat, I’ll munch, I’ll serve, and I’ll punch.  We will have a great babysitter,” said Babe.  And then who skipped in last was Ago and Uncle Mike.  So from that day on, Babe was a little babe who didn’t forget anything and she found her bear hiding in a raspberry bush.  “Ooh, this looks like a pokey bear,” said Mommy.  Daddy grinned.  And Mommy did grin too.  But when Daddy opened the kitchen door, there was a big “slap, slurp, slap, slurp, slap, slurp.”  It was a ghost!  It said “slap, slurp, boo, slap, slurp, boo!”  “It’s the best ghost mobile,” said the baby, and then all the cousins went home for the night.
The end.

Barry’s Babysitting Shark
The author wrote ten books at the first page.  Barry said, “Binda, I lost my paydek chair.  It was too much fun.  I would go home.”  Binda said, “I would too, but we have to do the babysitter before the dane comes.”  So when Barry opened the door he heard “slurp sloppya, slurp sloppya, slurp sloppya” until he reached the end of the gate and then he found the place of the curious garden.  And in the biggest place next to the curious garden, there was a shark biting him right on the leg.  “Oh no, don’t bite me!” said Barry.  “It’s just a big torn shark,” said Binda.  “Yeah, that’s how it happens.  It’s one of my favorite sharks.  Best things, even though all the things I know are very hard,” said Barry.  “I thought that was new,” said Barry.  “Yeah, it’s new and it’s better than a babysitter,” said Binda.  And then he heard a big “pppt, pppt, pppt.”  It was the shark throwing up because the shark bit Barry’s leg.  He knew that the shark was sick, so when the shark got the biggest cold, Barry helped.  But then the shark came to a stop.  “Oh no, I forgot I could do that.  It is not the same,” said Barry.  “But it is the biggest present I’ve ever saw, better than an ordinac.”  The end.

homemade, heartfelt gifts: muffins and stories tucked into a decorated toolbox
Our little man gets his love of writing from his sister.

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