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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hannah's Stories, Age 2

reading all by herself

reading to Oscar the cat at 16 months

making cards at 20 months

Hannah loves reading and writing stories, but she loves telling stories most of all.  She dictated these four stories to me when she was a pinch past two and we included these in holiday cards.  

There was a hand print.  And then there was a goat trying to take the hand print.  Along came an ozzy and hurt all of 'em that were scared, so scared.  Along came a ayzee and he ate them all up.  And then there were no left to have.

Once upon a time it was so quiet until a mouse walked, walked, walked.  It swimmed in the water like a big fish and popped itself right on the nose.  And then along came a fish and popped him on his eye.  Along they were sleeping in a small bed.  They were so happy when somebody slid and wake them up.  They were sleeping by now and a sled came and woke them up and it was all nighty.  Then they woke up and were gone with the sled.  And that's the story.

There were words on the story, but they didn't have found.  And then they popped and popped and there were stripes all over them.  There was a warthog he didn't have found.  A line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line.  And then there were stripes all over the line things.  And then they went to sleep.  "Nighty nighty," said the one that scared them.

There was a big splash of water from a warthog.  "Let's go nighty, let's get a stripe and get bundled up for the snow," said the warthog.  And there were stripes, pipes.  Then came a mousie.  A pp up peener.  And then "bee-een."  There was a big "klklklkl" and then "pop!"  The mouse came back and asked for food and a nappy.  They went to nappy and that's the end of the story.

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