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Saturday, October 15, 2011

gifts from the heart

My family buys a few things here and there for others for the holidays, mostly a dinner out together or a gift card for a favorite local store.  We give my children's friends homemade crayons, flower headbands and hair clips, and corn husk dolls.  The adults in our lives may receive homemade candles, scarves, and jams.  I know others are out there preparing for the holidays in October like me because my homeschool group is now putting together a holiday crafting party.  The kids will get together create and trade various crafts with one another.  One idea was to sell our crafts to one another as well.

That had me thinking about purchasing from my crafting friends instead of big box stores.  I have friends who make amazing products, from handmade colorful dresses and fine jewelry, to beautifully painted shirts.  My friends would appreciate home-canned goods that I can produce, either as a holiday gift or in exchange for one of their original creations.  When sharing thoughtful gifts with my friends and family, the evolution of my gift-giving has come a long way.  Instead of mall shopping, I can choose to give only locally made gifts created by myself, my children, or our friends.  That is a gift from the heart.

hand prints for Grandpa

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  1. I just love giving and receiving homemade gifts. If I pay careful attention throughout the year, I remember what items my friends are particularly excited about when I talk about my canning adventures. I have finally gotten past the "so and so will think I'm so frugal by giving her canned peaches compared to a bought gift." It's about being comfortable in my own skin and giving from the heart.