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Saturday, June 18, 2011

curing the restlessness

Hannah and Oscar, my first two babies

It is interesting how life ebbs and flows in so many ways.  Our schedule wanes from four outside activities a day to nothing.  Our kitchen is full of food and suddenly we can't put one more meal together.  I can tackle several large projects in one day and then am unable to clear the dishes off the table the next day.  One week my parents and I both have a beloved older pet, the next week we are grieving our disquieting petletness.  This movement between peaks and valleys is even evident in my blogging, as you'll see I post five blogs in one day and then don't return for a month or more.  This is the rhythm of our lives.  Being a homemaker with young children, I am able to appreciate life in the rhythms it provides.

While I have been away from the blogging, I have been reading several books, spending time playing with my babies, saying goodbye to my cat of 15 years, and occasionally venturing to our beautiful Oregon Coast.  After my last blog session, I was feeling a peak of restlessness and anxiety.  When I reached out to my beloved crone friend who has experience with many of life's challenges, she suggested I focus on one task at a time, don't worry about bringing in money, but focus on helping my family in a variety of ways: storing food for the cold seasons, organizing my closets and cupboards and files, making crafts my family will give as gifts at holiday time, planning a birthday party without purchasing any new materials, and providing healthy meals for my family.  Those simple suggestions have kept me calm for several weeks now.

There are always so many projects yet to start and finish, such as a memory book of our little kitty, granola to bake, dishes to wash, slugs and a mole to battle, friends to visit, and cards to send.  With our schedule finally slowing down and so many yet-to-accomplish tasks awaiting my attention, I now remember to breathe and observe the ebb and flow of life with small, busy children.  I am blessed with the privilege of tackling these tasks when the little ones are content and when my head is securely fastened to my body.  There will be other days to accomplish more than starting the laundry.  Today may not be one of them.  Miraculously, I did accomplish this, finding the superpowers to blog while my children squeal and giggle and (honestly...) attempt to sleep.

remembering my gardening companion, Oscarito el gatito (the little cat)

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