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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peanut-butter Sandwich (preschool book club)

the girl who loves a peanut butter and jam sandwich
While working on other story extension ideas, Hannah came up with this one over lunch.  She loves the Shel Silverstein story from Where the Sidewalk Ends about the king obsessed with peanut butter sandwiches.  In fact, she sometimes resembles that king, except she drinks lots of water while downing sandwiches so her jaws don't clamp shut.  I think this particular king comes up over lunch almost every time we have these sandwiches.  I am thrilled my daughter is embracing Shel Silverstein's poems, as they were my favorites throughout childhood.  There is something nostalgic and exciting about watching our children enjoy the same things we did as children.

Hannah's ideas for Peanut-Butter Sandwich:
  • homemade bread from Jon and Holly
  • make homemade strawberry jam from her uncle's strawberries
  • grind up our own peanuts
  • throw a party to celebrate making our own sandwiches
My ideas on the same story:
  • all the things above, plus:
    • make the ingredients at the party
    • "What is a sandwich?  What's your favorite sandwich and why?"
    • read about the history of sandwiches
    • use a variety of breads, nuts, and toppings (kiwi, banana, pickle, apple, cinnamon, honey)
    • plant ingredients together: strawberries, grains, nuts, etc.
    • read a passage from a children's book that talks about the importance of and care put into food preparation, such as "Little House on the Prairie"
    • "What have you learned about sandwiches today?  Do you like a new kind of sandwich now?"
the king who had one sandwich too many, and then another

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  1. Such a fun idea! You could have a sandwich bar! You know, similar to a potato bar where people choose from a variety of toppings and make their own concoction!