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Sunday, April 17, 2011

hibernation-style blogging

Yes, the bear sleeps six months of the year, while most other creatures are up and productive each day and sleep each night, or vice versa.  I am slowly accepting my writing style as a byproduct of my full-time parenting role.  I love reading my friend Holly's new blog post every week, as routine as Sunday comics.  I wish I were more consistent with writing, though my hands are not routinely free enough to write my thoughts and meanderings.  Thinking deeply and reflecting upon my roles as a mother, a teacher, an activist, and a writer keep me company as I lay awake at night nuzzling my little milk-drinker.

So I do half-heartedly apologize, mostly to myself, for my hibernation-style blogging.  And if you're unhappy about grammatical errors, hopefully you will understand how little time is actually devoted to editing my posts before tending to a needy child.  Perhaps as my children get older, they will allow me a little time here and there to focus on writing my thoughts.  Until then, I will complete four unedited posts and quickly return to nuzzle that little fuzzy-headed delight and his boisterous sister.

Full-time parenting leaves a lot of time for taking photos of boogie boarding babies.

But there doesn't seem to be enough personal time to read all the library's books before they are due.
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  1. Hey Jen,
    Don't worry about the apparent lack of audience. We started out very small too, and though we are nowhere near The Pioneer Woman, we now have ample followers. The internet is weird. All at once someone will notice you and BOOM lots of traffic!