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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

preschooling at home portfolio

photos of learning with Hannah's narration

workbook pages showing learning

nursery rhyme curriculum

workbook pages and pen pal letters

kept in "keeper" file and ready to bind into preschool portfolio

Dearest Hannah,

You've been learning at home since you were born, but as we get closer to legally homeschooling you during your schooling years, I am now collecting evidence of your learning for a portfolio.  A folder in our homeschool bin collects your work.  we sift through it now and then to keep your best evidence of learning.  You and I have been enjoying narrating your photos of home learning.  Some you write on your own, some you copy, and some I write for you.  We are having a great time learning and growing together at home.  I look forward to one day sitting down together to look back through this portfolio we have created together.

Bound with love,
your mama

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