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Friday, February 25, 2011

Carrot Soup book (preschool book club)

Hannah and I enjoyed some activities based on the book Carrot Soup by John Segal.  It was one of the books she chose on her own at the library after our weekly story time visit.  It amazes me how many activities can be created through a single book, and we've just touched on the surface of this book.  Seeing the opportunities that lay waiting to be discovered, I have started looking at other library books in a different way, as if they are slowing talking me into creating mini-extension units through them.  I look forward to going through the Berenstain Bears books and Stuart J. Murphy's math-themed books for mini-extension units.  Now that our little boy is four months old, we can start focusing our learning in new ways again at home.  Let the fun begin.

Activities we enjoyed through Carrot Soup:
carrot people
decorated Hannah as a carrot person
planted carrots
carrot soup
carrot cake
ate carrots
identified different carrot varieties
included varieties of carrots into our garden plan

planting carrots and other vegetables

carrot soup with homegrown parsley

carrot people

Hannah dressed like her carrot people

the carrot people

carrot people hanging out while button sorting

a carrot-nosed snow person

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