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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

grocery adventures

Dear Hannah,

You and I finally got out of the house for a date.  And where did we go for our fun time together?  The grocery store, of course!  Your papa was overwhelmed by all the veggies and bulk goods I put on the list and was relieved when I finally volunteered to fetch them.

We are trying to reduce our environmental impact, meaning reducing our intake of goods, reusing what we have, and recycling what we can't use again.  We are trying to mainly reduce, as then there is less to reuse and recycle.  Plastics get more toxic the more they are recycled, and much of the plastics we have are not recyclable in the first place.  Hopefully next week when the weather isn't bone-chillingly-cold, we'll get to a local farmers market.  (Portland Farmers Market, Lloyd Farmers Market)  Yes, there are some ambitious farmers sell fresh produce outdoors all year.  We'll make a run to Limbo for gallon glass jars and fresh herbs, but until then, we've made it to the grocery store.

I've been talking with my friend Holly about alternative reusable packaging.  I've been sewing fabric bags to hold bulk goods, from pasta to paprika, but I am still working through zillions of plastic bulk bags from previous shopping.  On this shopping trip, you and I spent all of our time in the fresh food and bulk sections, with a quick run through the store to grab some Borax.  I am not quite sure what to do with the Borax yet, but we'll get to it sooner than later.  There is a list of never-ending projects around here, from art to thank you cards, from making breads to dinners.  We'll get to Borax.  But in the bulk section, we had such fun finding our favorite cooking and baking ingredients: poppy seeds, pastas, rice mixes, flax, cinnamon, allspice.  Next time we'll take a glass jar and fill up on honey.  We had such fun, I think we should regularly ask your papa to watch your brother so you and I can peruse the isles of the bulk and produce departments.  I didn't know shopping could be so much fun!

Breaded with love,
your mama

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