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Thursday, January 6, 2011

decreasing our home's impact

After discussing home efficiency and less home waste with friends, these are things I will attempt to implement into our lives.
  • when leaving for vacation, turn off all power at water heater and circuit breaker except refrigerator
  • use only existing bags to bring home new goods, such as fabric bags for pasta or jars for peanut butter
  • more holiday crafts with materials at home, such as corn husk dolls or homemade laundry detergent
  • more meals with home canned staples (Hello, tomato soup and pizza on homemade bread!)
  • list of sustainable ideas from 
    • shower less than five minutes each day
    • turn off computer when away half hour
    • send emails instead of paper
    • reuse and refill products
    • teleconference instead of commute
    • lunch with reusable containers and utensils (and napkin) 
    • at gatherings, provide reusable containers, utensils, and healthy local food
    • smaller home with energy efficient appliances and bulbs
    • 68 degree or lower in home without air conditioning
    • weatherized house with tight caulking, windows, and sufficient insulation
    • buy 100% green power or provide your own
    • all native plants in yard without any chemicals
    • little or no grass to mow
    • no watering in yard and plenty of drought resistant plants
    • collect and use rain water
    • bike, walk
    • vegetarian or eat some local organic meats
    • recycle and compost
    • "Use everything until you wear it out, repair it, or give it away to others; buy in bulk; consider the packaging in your purchase decision"

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